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Helicopter ZS-REX
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The AS.350B3 highlights are a Arriel 2B Turbomeca turbine engine of 847 shp (632 kW) with FADEC offering more power and more payload over a higher temperature range; a higher sling loading capability (1400 kg at low altitude) and a higher cruise speed at all-up weight. Is also featured a VEMD instrument panel with two screens to display engine and vehicle parameters.


Crew 1
Capacity 5 + pilot / High density configuration 6 + pilot
Length 12.94 m
Main rotor diameter 10.69 m
Height 3.14 m
Circular area 89.75 m²
Empty weight 1.175 kg
Maximum take off weight 2.250 kg
Maximum hanging load at sea level 1.400 kgc

Speed 287 km/h (155 knots)

Cruise Speed 259 km/h (140 knots)
Reach in flight 652 km (352mn)
Service ceiling 7.000 m (23,000 feet)
Climbing 2.028 feet/min
Autonomy 3 hours