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Custom Chefs Knife
CATEGORY : Arts / Crafts Household Production Retail / Wholesale

This product was custom made for a clients birthday and is used an example of the work we do. 


This catalogue is to showcase my work as a bladesmith/blacksmith.

All my blades are hand forged.

I'm from South Africa.

I enjoy a challenge, custom orders welcome

Each element of this knife was carefully planned and discussed between myself and my partner, he helps me out a lot in the forging processes and finishing, but our favorite part is definitely forging, so we tried to push the limits of a brut de forge chefs knife. I’ve been very passionate about brut de forge blades in the past, especially when you look at the work of great maker like @jasonknightknives and @colonyknifeco and the wonderful work they produce. We forged this knife out very thin with a single bevel, wedging food to one side(in this case, specifically for a left handed user), this also allows for a beautiful flat that is fully forged, which means you can cut down straight and you have a good surface contact for magnetic holders. We also added forged divits on the side of the bevel to help food release from the blade. This made heat treating a bit more difficult than on normal chefs knives as those divits are perfect points for the blade to bend at, and it made straightening of warps more difficult aswell- we probably did more than 10 temper cycles on this bad boy just to get it straightened out, but man, was it worth it!

The profile is completely polished up to contrast with the beautiful dark forged finish, the handle is burnt and polished oak, to add some texture and a good hand feel for the user, and this allows the handle to be less slippery when wet. The choil has a deep finge groove to push the heel back so it can be used more effectively, this also changes the balance point of the knife, making it light weight and balanced in the hand so the user doesn’t get tired when working food. And all of this is tied together with 5 copper pins and a copper lanyard hole.


I am a final year Chiropractic student with a passion for knife making. I started bladesmithing in 2018 and couldn’t stop since. I try to deliver the best possible work that I can do.

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