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Comfort Adult Disposable Pants (M)
CATALOGUE NAME : Your Comforts
CATEGORY : Household

Size: Medium


10's Nappies

The Adult Disposable Pants are ideal for mobile, self-sufficient or bed-ridden users and is suitable for normal to high levels of incontinence. A soft, comfortable, simple-to-use product which resembles normal underwear. The pants offer benefits for users with an active lifestyle allowing the user prolong independence. Designed with elasticities ensuring the pants fit closely and can be worn with confidence. An entirely soft, cotton feel composition allows the product to replace conventional underwear. The pants should be selected by waist size. The enhanced anti-leak cuffs help to prevent leakage and offer a closer fit around the legs.

  • Top sheet: Thermal boned hydrophilic N.W
  • Absorbent Core: Fluff pulp mixed with sap wrapped by tissue paper
  • Fluff pulp:
  • Leak guard: SMS Hydrophobic Non-woven anti-leakage