Frequently Asked Questions

What is BuzzApex?

  • BuzzApex is a newly released free to use business platform aimed at promoting business in South Africa with a strong influence to promote small business
  • It does this in a disciplined environment with a multitude of proven good business practices
  • Is quick and easy to setup with the ability to import existing examples created by others, just follow the info buttons found on every screen
  • There is absolutely no justification for business to fail with the tools provided. In addition, BuzzApex is reviewing plans on additional tools to bring meaningful help to small and medium sized enterprises to overcome their cashflow challenges

What Features does the platform offer?

  • There are far too many features to list them all however the main items are
    • Location based Catalogues that are used to show the local market what’s immediately available
    • With free baskets for comparative shopping and orders, all vendors now have resources to match any e-commerce website
    • Plus the means to increase sales by offering credit, try-before-you-buy and lay-by features
    • Not only that, but make known expansion plans through their distributor networks and pricing structures based on volumes, labour content and margins
  • Job Cards may be issued for both internal use and to external contractors that are defined by the admin.
    • All Job Cards are provided with checklists to set quality controls and signatures all of which conform to International Standards (ISO)
    • Establishes a disciplined environment making those “He said, She said” moments redundant
  • The entire platform is dynamic in its architecture to accommodate every conceivable requirement
  • Invoice Tracking is available to those granted permission by the user’s admin person which is useful when receiving orders and following up on overdue invoices
  • BuzzApex is not an invoicing package, invoices need to be scanned, uploaded and connected to job cards where applicable
  • Quotes are created from different sources and in the case of Job Cards and Plan Work, content is automatically inserted
  • They are fully customisable, use pre-defined templates to avoid time wastage, achieves uniformity and all within a html editor
  • Quote summary automatically counts instances that are the same in the body of the quote

Are the catalogues much the same as others or is there something special about them?

  • Not like others. There’s provision for long and short descriptions along with one or more images per item
  • Catalogues can be published and withdrawn quickly and easily in real time
  • Catalogue duplication occurs within seconds to accommodate price adjustment for promotions
  • Can be shared with distributors for their market or as an internal price list
  • When used as an internal price list, labour and margin can be automatically applied to cost for inclusion into quotes. Incidentally, the price list includes images to assist the person compiling the quote.

Why would the business community want such a platform?

  • Because it makes business sense to reduce operating costs, increase controls and promote visibility within their local market

Aren’t there other products that do similar things?

  • Yes there are for some of the features but they’re fragmented. BuzzApex does so much and it’s all in one place. There are many more features coming that are already in the pipeline

Can buyers pay vendors on the platform and if so, what safeguards are in place?

  • Yes, that feature will shortly be available where we will provide access to the infrastructure supporting this without the revenue passing through BuzzApex’s account. We don’t want to inflate prices by taking a percentage from the vendors

Where’s the catch in providing such a large free infrastructure?

  • There is no catch. BuzzApex will provide one catalogue for free to every user in perpetuity. Additional catalogues, branches and distributors added to the catalogue will attract a small daily charges payable at month end.
  • Each user will have a number of free job cards and quotes to try for themselves thereafter, each document will be billed when created. There are manual workarounds for those who wish to use the system job cards and quotes. The business community needs help to overcome the effects of the pandemic and BuzzApex is simply bringing its part to the table