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Airwork Africa

Helicopter Charter and Operations
CATALOGUE NAME : Airwork Africa
CATEGORY : Mining / Quarry / Civil Works Services Transport Travel

Airwork Africa are industry-leading experts in all facets of flight operations and engineering support for our own fleet as well as other operators.

We are specialists in providing aircraft and flight operations services to all industries.

Our capabilities include providing a safe, reliable and class leading product offerings within the following categories:

Utility helicopters offering survey and external load capabilities
VIP charter
High capacity passenger transportation
The carriage of security sensitive cargo
The carriage of Dangerous Goods
Full IFR and NVG capabilities

Airwork specialises in helicopter leasing and provides tailored aviation solutions to meet the needs of emergency medical services, police, search and rescue, oil, gas and mineral exploration and tourism operations. This versatility supports a broad customer base diversified across industries and geographies. Airwork leases and charters helicopters on a range of terms tailored to customer requirements. Lease contracts are usually priced on an 'hour-of-use' basis, subject to minimum usage requirements, or on a monthly or hourly charge rate agreed with the customer. Charges generally include the cost of maintenance based on an agreed program to meet prescribed standards. We can provide a tailored full operation solution to the customers requirements including; Aircraft Logistics Pilots Engineers Provisions of Maintenance