What is Buzzapex?

BuzzApex benefits on offer:-

  1. Each company creates a free account on the platform and can add/remove employees and set permissions per job title.
  2. Every account is entitled to one free catalogue in perpetuity
  3. Catalogues are location based and incorporate publishing to local market, branch locations and distributors where applicable
  4. Catalogue items can be represented with one or more images, short and long descriptions with price if required.
  5. Products can be searched or filtered out if the commodity is of no relevance to the user. There is no algorithm predicting the user’s interests or adverts to distract users
  6. Catalogues may be employed to promote “Credit facilities”, “Try before you buy”, "Lay-bys” and “Seeking Distributors”
  7. Users may establish credit facilities on the platform from the company of their choice provided the company offers such facilities
  8. Manufacturers / Producers into the future will be able to research market areas to establish brand dominance and product saturation
  9. Users can find the nearest source of a product
  10. Comparative shopping & order placing direct with vendor complete with communication facility is available for free
  11. Supplier catalogues when used internally may be employed to create quotes with markup resources built into distributor catalogues that have been set for internal use
  12. Completed Job Cards can have invoices (scanned pdf) connected as evidence of expense
  13. Promotional catalogues may be created, published for the duration of the promotion and withdrawn in real time
  14. Job Cards can be created automatically from quotes, planned work and accommodate breakdowns
  15. They can be issued to own personnel or onto contractors in other companies on the platform
  16. Job Cards can be transferred between personnel concurrently tracking sequence of events
  17. Pre-defined checklists to establish quality controls and achieve compliances within Job Cards
  18. Job Cards write to history to show events, time intervals between findings and remedy easily established and can be used to prove sequence of events
  19. Create reports that can later be costed to form quotes if required. When quotes are costed, internal catalogues that includes those of suppliers are used
  20. There are a quantity of free Job Cards for the purpose of trial thereafter each is billable at a fixed rate irrespective of content
  21. Documents may be customised with header, footer, opening and closing text
  22. Content is broken into two parts, body and summary the latter serving in quotes only
  23. The summary counts the number of instances where the same text has been employed in the body of the document to save users doing this work manually
  24. Own and Supplier Catalogues are used in lieu of price lists so that access to images and full descriptions aren’t lost when building quotes
  25. Supplier catalogues provide for labour and margin set by the admin when accepting a supplier’s catalogue for internal use
  26. Establishes comprehensive list of assets
  27. Information about the asset and it’s location
  28. Planned events are shown along with the party responsible to perform the event whether employed internally or by external contractor
  29. Images & documents associated with the asset may be uploaded
  30. Establish work required now, into the future or overdue
  31. Budget for work to be performed
  32. Assists contractors to track un-paid invoices associated with Job Cards
  33. Initiate “Stop Supply” of Job Cards and signal to other personnel that an account is on hold pending payment
  34. Customers can obtain a copy of the invoice without requesting from supplier
  35. Retain records of applications for credit

For those interested, I have no issue if you request a meeting using https://zoom.com

Whats your choice?

We deserve the freedom to choose our lives at the work place, at home and wherever we may travel. Not always achievable. So how do we get there if we're not there already?

There are those that believe that freedoms are a right whereas reality teaches us that it's earned. It comes by knowing what the end game must look like and creating the path needed to get there. Every step carefully considered to avoid a stumble and rails to catch when obstacles present themselves in order to disrupt the journey.

BuzzApex does much of this through firm but flexible structures that allow personal preferences in a dynamic environment. A dynamic environment simply means that every conceivable permutation has been considered and resolved in a structured manner. This is a honest accolade that has yet to be shown to be inaccurate or misleading. There isn't a trading company that won't benefit in one form or another although they may not use all of the resources available. Speak with those who are using the platform or better still, try it for yourself - it's Free. T&Cs apply