Running your business from an island

A guide to swimming where others sink

The world has changed in previously unimaginable ways, which means that companies have had to adapt at a frenetic pace. A need for a new communication dynamic between companies and employees has emerged and many companies who do not swiftly rise to the challenge will experience consequences far sooner than in the past. However, at a time when businesses sink, who says you can’t swim?

Now more than ever, companies need access to dependable and scalable tools that maintain business continuity no matter where they operate. Online business productivity platforms, such as BuzzApex, are shaping this new business narrative in a big way.

They have become especially relevant in the time of social distancing, supply chain interruptions, and the measures put in place to mitigate the devastating health impact on the nation’s health and infrastructure. While COVID-19 is accelerating trends that were predicted to arrive a few years from now, it may present an opportunity to fast track the journey to the destination we were always heading to.

Ivan Radmore, CEO of BuzzApex, says: ‘In my decades of entrepreneurship I’ve seen the absolute need to change and adapt. This is undeniably an unparalleled moment where it has become essential to embrace change and the solutions o!ered by technology. SMEs have to have access to the same technological tools available to larger corporates. This empowers business owners to explore new paths to success.“

No man is an island – but why not?

According to Kate Lister, President of Global Workplace Analytics, 25-30% of the workforce will be working-from-home multiple days a week by the end of 2021. So, can a business owner act like an islander? Here are a few simple ways that prove you can:

1. Build Rafts – Each layer of a company requires access to di!erent levels of information. Radmore identi"ed that each division of labour needs access to their relevant information, as and when they require that data. With the right shared online tools and an island with WiFi, you always have access to the mainland – the people you need to keep you a#oat. Employees will require access to all the important "les they need to complete their tasks e$ciently in a remote setting. The best ones will be able to access those "les from their laptops or home computers and work unabated, even if 2021 springs a new surprise.

2. Learn the local language – Hiring the right type of employee and having e!ective sources of communication is key. Fortunately, these people exist and many of those available will very quickly showcase their ability to work away from work.
3. Go with the tide – Converting online sales leads is key to success when harnessing the power of technology. Noting activity on your website but being unable to turn that rich data into meaningful leads is a massive underutilisation of what the technology can do for you. It’s important to choose an online platform that employs geographic targeting so you can assess the quality of the lead. Online tool’s like BuzzApex’s sales catalogues are a gold mine of information. If you’re on an island, they’re the equivalent of natural water that springs eternal.

“To run your business efficiently, you need processes in place for the functions you perform regularly, no matter where you are. Since many small business owners and their employees are currently working remotely, it’s the ideal time to focus on activities that can be completed from anywhere, “ says Radmore.

If you can effortlessly communicate with staff and clients and have the tools to connect them, there is no reason not to set sail for a new normal, drop anchor at an island that works for you and catch those big "sh in an ocean of new opportunity.