How much must the Entrepreneur Know

There is no definitive answer as most will admit that the learning never ends. There are shortcuts to the challenges that every entrepreneur faces with the easiest being to employ someone versed in the subject where knowledge and skills are lacking. This type of shortcut comes at a price that should be affordable to the business. If it's not affordable then the hope will be for a quick turnaround in order for it to become affordable or a reversal of strategy which is inevitable if the business is to survive. There are many instances where the strategy is to introduce the desired skillsets with short term contracts which is often a very successful strategy but either way it comes at a price.

The one guarantee that exists with all business is that there's always an answer, it's only a matter of identifying the best solution to answer the challenge. Many years ago we weren't able to enter a market area as there were three companies trading there that had secured the market with similar pricing and what can be argued as misleading quoting strategies that worked for them. The estimates were that they held over 90% on that market. There wasn't any evidence of collusion but it was difficult to differentiate them were it not for their branding so how do we beat such odds?

It took some months before it was finally realised that we couldn't take a slice of their market playing by their rules. We needed to change the rules such that it favoured competition and worked against those three companies and the most likely source would be their weaknesses. What aren't they doing well or to an acceptable standard? This meant they had to be studied which would include every aspect of their businesses from their suppliers, the labour they employed to their sales techniques failing which we wouldn't survive. Once we uncovered their failings we exploited them to their fullest which forced those same companies into crisis management as they tried to recover from the revelations that we now disclosed to the market. In so doing the market opened and allowed us in.

The answers that we sought weren't to be found in books. Nobody waived a flag to help us navigate our way into the market. It was never envisaged to bring harm to a competitor as the plan was based on creation, the creation of a new business. The harsh reality is that any new business will be taking from existing business and there are consequences for both parties. Today the remaining two companies may hold as much as 20% of that market which explains the importance for all business to be on top of their game. Any weakness within a business is vulnerable to exploitation by a competitor and for that reason alone, BuzzApex should be considered. BuzzApex has been designed and constructed to provide management with the tools essential to achieve the controls required not to have outrageous failings and to compliment their sales activities by providing resources comparable with the largest of enterprises.