Creating Buzz in The SME Market: Why companies need to harness the power of online platforms

Across South Africa, SMEs are undoubtedly the driving force of the economy. They represent more than 98% of businesses, employ between 50% to 60% of the nation’s workforce and are responsible for a quarter of job growth in the private sector.... Read More

Late payments: A ticking timebomb for SMEs and the country

Pay on time or your supplier will pay the price

In The State of Late Payments in South Africa report, a shocking statistic is revealed – 91% of small business currently have money outside of their payment terms .... Read More

Why unemployment is shackled to business growth

The great economies have always been built on cause and effect. When businesses are primed to succeed, unemployment reduces. The fact is, a company is either in growth or decline, and to ensure our future employment, growth quite obviously is impe.... Read More

Do we even need Job Titles anymore?

The Covid-19 pandemic has knocked the world off its ‘business as usual’ axis. The need to work remotely has enforced digitisation that has accelerated the pace of various new and existing sectors.

As companies made adjustments .... Read More

Are You A Contributor Or Parasite?

Over the last year of unprecedented changes, and the frenetic pace at which companies have had no alternative but to adapt, many of us have learned all about the benefits and pitfalls of remote working. For many, this moment in time has been a rev.... Read More

Running your business from an island

The world has changed in previously unimaginable ways, which means that companies have had to adapt at a frenetic pace. A need for a new communication dynamic between companies and employees has emerged and many companies who do not swiftly rise t.... Read More

Why SMME’s Need To Think Small

They say you need to walk before you learn to run. Many new business owners are more likely to deliver this sage advice to their petulant child than use it themselves. Yes, there are examples of businesses that started in a garage and within a bli.... Read More

Take Your Share of the Market

The term "Business" applies to people for without them, business can't exist. Sir Isaac Newton's third law states that "for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction" and whilst he envisaged that for motion, it's no less applicable in .... Read More

How much must the Entrepreneur Know

There is no definitive answer as most will admit that the learning never ends. There are shortcuts to the challenges that every entrepreneur faces with the easiest being to employ someone versed in the subject where knowledge and skills are lackin.... Read More

Dead Money looks like this

There are those people who are so positioned that they're comfortable to store money, be it in the bank or under the mattress. At best the rats won't find it and use the paper to make their nests comfortable for their families or the bank will pas.... Read More

Comparative Shopping

When shopping for groceries the list will inevitably be different in each instance. Retailing is a specialised field and effective retailers know and understand the consumer. They study behaviours and trends meticulously because they above all oth.... Read More

Care & Attention goes a Long Way

In business we should know and understand the importance of managing people in the same manner we want to be managed ourselves. In the case of a plant, care and attention goes to the soil, nutrients, water and daylight. In the case of employees it.... Read More

Bored or Planning?

We can employ time in any number of ways. It can be squandered or as some might say, chilling. There also exists the option to plan the next event in our lives or live life to the fullest seizing every moment as though it were the last. These are .... Read More