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Helicopter Safety and Quality
CATALOGUE NAME : Airwork Africa
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Safety & Quality

We pride ourselves as being a company with foundations strongly based on sound Safety and Quality principles.

Our Safety and Quality Management System is integral to the every-day operations within our company and is instilled in every staff member.  We promote the just culture reporting model, a safety management system ( SMS)  and a quality assurance  programme with the emphasis on creating a transparent and safe working environment.  Our emphasis on developing a healthy safety culture within the company takes precedent. In addition all helicopters are fitted with Flight Cell DZM tracking and satellite technology along with an aircraft monitoring systems.

Our systems are based on proven international practices and undergo frequent in-depth audits  and assessments from accredited firms thereby ensuring compliance with local and international standards/regulations.  As the aviation industry is constantly evolving, our system framework has been developed to allow for continuous improvement thereby ensuring a modern and efficient approach to all operations.

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