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CATEGORY : Apparel / Jewellery Arts / Crafts Fashion Retail / Wholesale

Blue Star offers the following services: Corporate Gifts; Promotional Products & Items; Apparel & Headwear

Blue Star offers a diverse, personalised and exciting range of branded or unbranded products and our service is unbeatable.

We tend to all our clients branding and marketing needs with professionalism, innovation and creativity; finding the best ways to market and promote their brand, name and image.

All our corporate gifts and promotional items give the client an opportunity to brand with their logo or company name giving them a marketing edge, as well as the ability to brand special occasions such as ceremonial holidays, birthdays, weddings, graduations, anniversaries and bench marks, both corporate and private.

Our product ranges include but are not limited to (branded or unbranded):

Executive Gifts; Technology & Time; Writing Instruments; Desktop & Stationery; Notebooks & Journals; Desk Pads & Mousepads; Diaries & Calendars; Folders & Holders; Awards & Trophies; Lanyards & Pouches; Wristbands; Badges & Lapel Pins; Domes & Stickers; Boxes, Bags & Ribbons; Key Holders & Magnets; Tools, Torches & Knives; Leisure Bags & Travel Bags; Drinkware & Glasses; Homeware & Lifestyle; Sport & Wellness; Outdoor, Umbrellas & Recreation; Foam Fun & Flags; Coasters, Mats & Table Cloths; Display & Signage; Travel & First Aid; Eco & Go Green; Novelties & Give-Aways; Custom Books & Magazines; Chocolates & Sweets; Clothing & Apparel; Headwear

Our extensive & colourful ranges cover from “off the shelf” items to custom designed and manufactured items, giving the client the opportunity to conceptualize and create as they desire.

Our range of products caters for all markets being: Corporate Companies, The Hospitality Industry, Educational Institutions, Franchised Institutions, Privately Owned Stores and Events; Private and Public Entities.


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