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Grunt Hunting
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Hunting Apparel
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We’re committed to provide you with an unforgettable hunting experience.
Every. Single. Time.
because we might have met as strangers, but we’ll leave as family…

When you book your next hunting safari with Grunt Hunting, you can be sure that you’re dedicated PH will provide attentive yet discreet and professional service while sharing his passion and knowledge of the bush with our guests, so you can enjoy a bespoke hunting adventure of making memories and learning new things along the way.

We have three concessions available for hunting, so you can choose whether you like the bush vibe at Kwele Game Lodge in Limpopo, the lush fields and Drakensberg scenery of Wakkerstroom in Mpumalanga, or the vast open grasslands of the brutally beautiful Kalahari in the North-West.

All our venues have been designed with the whole family in mind, offering different accommodation options that will serve as a welcome respite after an adrenaline-charged day out in the South African veld. You choose where your next hunting adventure begins, and we’ll lead you through it.

Our professional hunters are committed to provide an unforgettable hunting experience at any of our concessions, be it Kalahari, Limpopo or Wakkerstroom


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