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UBIQSOME® is the first and only CoQ10 formulation on the market to have been tracked down from oral administration to its real and sole target: The inner space of cells, where it is needed.

​UBIQSOME® is the optimized delivery form of coenzyme Q10, formulated with the Phytosome® proprietary technology.

Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10) - also known as ubiquinone or ubidecarenone - is an essential endogenous cofactor for the electrontransport chain in the mitochondria, and also exerts a fundamental antioxidant activity in the cells.

As the only known lipid antioxidant that can be synthesized by animal cells,it exerts a crucial role in the maintenance of cells bioenergetics promoting therefore: sport activities, healthy ageing, heart & cardiovascular health, brain health and many other activities involving energetic expenditure.

Since the oral bioavailability of CoQ10 is quite poor, due to its high molecular weight and very low aqueous solubility, it has been formulated with Phytosome® technology in order to optimize the bioabsorption of this important cofactor.


UBIQSOME® is supported by a human double pharmacokinetics and a human efficacy study.


UBIQSOME® is standardized to contain: 18-22% of coenzyme Q10 by HPLC.



UBIQSOME® is a brown yellow powder and may be utilized in a variety of supplement formulations.

Suggested dose: up to 500 mg/day.

UBIQSOME® is also the only patent pending4 CoQ10 formulation to benefit from Phytosome® technology, for an optimized bioabsorption of the cofactor:

  • in the human study on over-50s healthy athletes performing a complete training session in a climatic chamber, UBIQSOME® has been shown to significantly optimize CoQ10 levels in plasma;

       • in the pk studies, UBIQSOME® has been shown to significantly optimize CoQ10 plasmatic levels in a dose                    dependant fashion and to show 14-fold higher solubility in intestinal simulated fluids;2

  • moreover, for the 1st time in humans, the optimization of CoQ10 levels in muscolar cells has been demonstrated with two different analytical methods: +37% by HPLC and +60% by immunofluorescence.3


UBIQSOME® can be a cost-effective solution thanks to:


  • Lower CoQ10 Content ;
  • optimized bioabsorption without relying upon expensive capsulating technologies (like softgel);
  • industrial-scalable & versatile finished oral dosage forms.
Crucial Role In The Maintenance Of Cells Bioenergetics Promoting Therefore: Sport Activities Healthy Ageing Heart Cardiovascular Health Brain Health