Care & Attention goes a Long Way

In business we should know and understand the importance of managing people in the same manner we want to be managed ourselves. In the case of a plant, care and attention goes to the soil, nutrients, water and daylight. In the case of employees it hinges on their conditions of employment, effective communication and carefully constructed and defined expectations from both parties. Get any of these elements wrong and the results are assured to be less than optimal.

There are laws to protect employees from abuse but these laws are without concern to well managed companies for extremely logical reasons. The cost of recruiting, the time it takes for the new employee to integrate into the company and become effective is significant. Recruiting is expensive irrespective of how brilliant the new engagement may be. In every instance that cost is never recovered when that person leaves a company and gets repeated with the replacement. This isn't good business.

BuzzApex is designed to tick all of those boxes and more from the quoting process through to completed work and subsequent feedback. The catalogues, baskets and orders processes are inter-connected for simplicity and effective management. Job Cards with quality check lists and techniques to save time compiling reports on defects established during the activity in question. Establishing the company's hierarchy so that line managers can view workloads with subordinates and intervene where needed and set function permissions. Identify debtors not conforming to credit terms and avoid accepting orders only to find out that there's outstanding account issues after the fact. Whilst it's not embarrassing from the company's perspective, it is for the employee who accepted the order. Escape the "He Said, She said" situations by insisting full adoption of the platform and all of the resources that it offers. It's free, terms and conditions apply.