Square Draped Bowl
CATALOGUE NAME : Hilary Abraham Ceramics
CATEGORY : Arts / Crafts Household Retail / Wholesale

This elegant earthenware footed bowl is made by draping a suare piece of clay over a rounded form. It is decorated with a dark green glaze inside and various shades of green sponged on the outside.

Dimensions: 19 x 17 x 13 cm. Weight: 400g

All my work is individually made - some thrown on the wheel, some built entirely by hand (from slabs, coils etc) and some using both techniques. Therefore, there is never an identical product, although there may be similar ones from time to time. Sets, as in bowls, mugs and cups, are made as near to exact as possible but there are always very slight variations in size - pottery made in this way is not an exact science!

I am happy to make commissions which are realistic - it you would like something especially made, please contact me directly with your request.

Delivery charges and packaging is charged on top of the selling price as it is so dependent on size, weight and shipping area. I will be happy to give you a quote for delivery costs before you commit to a purchase. I generally use Postnet Office to Office service as this is dependable and cost effective, but naturally will send directly to your door if preferred. Alternatively, you may collect from me.

To follow how I make things and other aspects of my creative process you can find me on Facebook and Instragram as Hilary Abraham Ceramics.

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